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One-Way Printed Vinyl Graphics

23 August 2017  |  Admin

New and Exciting Range of One Way Printed Vinyl Graphics

We are pleased to offer a new range of One Way printed vinyl graphics designed specially for use in schools. One way vinyl is a perforated self adhesive vinyl film used for the decoration of external windows. It has many small holes which allows you to see through it in certain circumstances. When your outside in the light the print almost looks like solid printed vinyl. When you're inside looking out the glass appears a little darker but you can see straight out into the daylight. One way vinyl printed graphics is an ideal way to transform glazed doors and windows into vibrant, colourful branded focal points that will leave a lasting impression on pupils, staff and visitors alike.

The colourful printed graphics reflect natural light and prevents a view through the glass into the building. From the inside looking out a finely perforated black mesh finish allows a high degree of see-through ability. The application of one-way vinyl film can help to reduce the heat and glare from the sun leaving the inside of the windows looking like a slightly darker tint has been applied to the glass.

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One-Way Printed Vinyl Graphics

One Way Printed Vinyl Film for Schools